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‘Connect’ Branding


The ‘Connect’ branding supports students in identifying when literacy skills are being used and what type of skills they are using. This in turn allows them to develop these skills and learn when and where to use them so they are able to develop as independent learners.

Below you will find a range of links for various logos to use within your resources for teaching literacy. Download them and include them to support your students in identifying when they are ‘Connecting’!

 *NOTE: To download the resources click on them so that they launch into a new browser window. then right mouse click on the logo and select ‘Save image as…’

The ‘Connect’ logo. Place this onto every resource that you produce that is related to literacy.




The following are icons to use which reflect what type of literacy skills are being used. These are  writing, reading, listening or speaking. Place them onto your documents to show what skills (or skills) are relevant.

Write iconRead icon Listen icon Speaking Icon



The final set of icons are for use with the ‘Connect Formulas’ and ‘Connect Mat’. Place these onto the relevant resources when you use them.

Connect activities icons SUB Connect activities icons PQE Connect activities icons PEE Connect activities icons PEAL Connect activities icons Connect Mat Connect activities icons APPLE Connect activities icons Tip Top