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How do I use the Lesson Plan Creator?

We have deigned our unique lesson plan creator to be as simple as possible to use. To help you use the tool we have provided a guidance video and instructions which you can watch. Please note that you must be subscribed and logged in to access this tool.

Do the gradings mean this is what I will definitely get?

As with all lessons we cannot predict how it will go on the day. Our lesson plan creator tool gives you predicted grades for each aspect of your lesson and an estimated overall grading. If you successfully deliver your lesson there is a high probability this grading will be the outcome, but it cannot be guaranteed! Please look at our STANDOUT model for further guidance on how to plan your outstanding lesson.

How can I improve my lesson?

To support your lesson we have provided a range of flash resources with instructions and worksheets for download. The lesson plan creator tool will highlight, using traffic lights, each aspect of your plan and help you identify those areas to improve. The tool will also give you tips on the right hand side of the screen. You can also use our STANDOUT model for teaching which also contains tips and suggestions.

How do I use the HTML5 resources?

The flash resources have been designed to be as user friendly as possible. They can be accessed through the Dashboard tab at the top of the website (you must have a valid subscription and be logged into the site to access them). Each  resource has a launch button to reveal them and are operated using as simple control panel at their base.

I don’t have an interactive whiteboard, can I still use the resources?

Because the Standout Teaching website is designed by teachers we understand that not all schools have the same resources. If you do not have an interactive whiteboard we have provided full instructions for all our flash activities which can be downloaded to allow you to deliver without the use of the presentation. Our resources activities can be easily adapted for use without ICT resources.

How do I modify the resources?

Unfortunately you cannot modify the flash resources. However by downloading the resource instructions you could use PowerPoint to develop your own modified version. We are continually working to improve our product and would welcome suggestions by emailing to

I am having problems viewing the website

On occasions users may find issues when viewing the website and resources if they are using an outdated browser. Please ensure that you have the latest version to maximise your viewing, if this is on a school network you may wish to raise this with your network manager.

Do your prices include VAT?

Currently we do not charge VAT on any of our prices, as we are not a VAT registered company.