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How to use the ‘LPC’


The Lesson Plan Creator (LPC) is a simple to use online tool which allows you to construct the sequence to your lesson, incorporate activities and then download as a Microsoft Word lesson plan template.


The ‘LPC’ offers guidance notes and lesson grades to support you when you are planning you lesson. These are based upon findings from real life teaching and are designed as guidance. They consider the length of activities and how these will support student engagement and also how the combination of activities planned will support progress.

It is optional to follow this guidance as your own experience and thoughts may well suggest a different approach, which is better suited to the lesson you wish to deliver. For additional guidance on how to structure a successful, student centred lesson please refer to the additional planning resources within the Standout Teaching website. Finally, do not forget your performance in the classroom, your enthusiasm and understanding of how well your students are learning is what will really make the difference!

Please note:

Once you navigate away from the ‘LPC’ web browser page, any information you have input will be deleted. Please only navigate away once you have downloaded your lesson plan and you are happy with the content and do not wish to amend it.