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Lesson Infographics


Welcome to the Lesson Infographics page from Standout Teaching.

Lesson Infographics are simple graphics, which summarise activities within lessons. These communicate, simply and quickly to students, what the tasks are they are undertaking and how these fit into the overall structure of the lesson.

You can locate the Lesson Infographics on the Resource pages on the Standout Teaching website, as shown opposite.




Lesson Infographics can be incorporated into your lesson in various ways.

Learning Mats:

Use Lesson Infographics on a Learning Mat, which outlines the sequence of activities taking place during a lesson. To learn more click the link.



Lesson Infographics can be placed into your own presentations to save you time and effort. This is a great way to quickly communicate the activities you wish your students to undertake. Watch the following walk through video to see how it’s done.