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BIG Assessment Checks Pt2

Using the areas identified from the reflection stage of this task (Part 1), students will apply the development points to their piece of work to improve its quality (Part 2). This is a 3 stage process- baseline, improving and checking.

Use the BIG Assessment framework in conjunction with green pen to use reflection to inform improvements.

Launch Resource

Students identify a specific piece of work and then reflection the strengths and weaknesses using green pen. This could be supported with a Connect Mat to help structure constructive comments. Students then act upon their reflections and following this record in the ‘Go and improve’ section what they did and the impact this has had. This activity can be part of self-reflection or peer reflection.

The sequence is as follows-

  1. Undertake a piece of work
  2. Students reflect upon the piece of work using their worksheet
  3. Students update the piece of work using their feedback
  4. Students reflect upon the improvements that they have made

This activity is designed to be used in conjunction with BIG Assessment Checking worksheet.
Worksheet: [Download]

BIG Paper Pt2