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Ind Blooms Questions

Students are to reflect upon their piece of work and then write 5 questions which focus upon what is good about it and what could be improved. They are also to provide answers. Students need to include the GAP tasks.

Get students to consider their learning and produce a set of questions based upon the key points from the learning within the lesson.

Launch Resource

Students are to think about the key pieces of learning from today’s lesson and create a set of question for each. They then either give the correct answer or a choice of answers. Students can maximise the content of their questions and answers by using the GAP tasks.

If using GAP you will need to complete the GAP worksheet to outline the variation in challenge and support available for the task-

  • Green- Supportive version of the task
  • Amber- The original version of the main task
  • Pink- Challenging version of the task

Instructions: [Download]

GAP Worksheet: [Download]

Worksheet: [Download]

Reflection questions infographic