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Picture label

Students are to annotate a picture that they have been given to highlight the key points. They then swap with a partner to add any points that may have been missed before providing feedback to the class.

An alternative to using text to check understanding by allowing pupils to analyse pictures related to the lessons objectives.

Launch Resource

This is a short activity which could be used at various times during the lesson to either introduce a topic or check pupils understanding.
Prior to the lesson you will need to prepare a picture for pupils to look at related to the lesson. If you wish this could also be a sequence of pictures to show an activity or a set of pictures related to the lesson topic.
Pupils are then to analyse the picture and annotate the main points which it is showing. This can be supported by giving pupils a set of prompt questions if required.
Pupils are then to swap their pictures with a partner and assess the other persons work. They can do this by annotating their partners’ picture with points they may have missed or correcting points.
Finally the task is summarised through selecting pupils to feedback what they have written.

Instructions: [Download]

Picture Label