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Our site is all about supporting teachers in planning student focussed, innovative lessons based upon the ‘Student 1st Teaching’ principals. From our Lesson Plan Creator to flash resources and creative strategies, Standout Teaching has everything you need to produce high quality lessons in a fraction of the time usually needed.


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Student 1st Teaching is about putting the student at the heart of the learning process by allowing them to take control of how they learn.

Please watch a short video that will walk you through the Student 1st Teaching approach.


The Standout Teaching website and App will support you through every step of planning, creating and delivering Student 1st lessons. Take a look at what there is on offer…

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Subject departments use a GAP (Green, Amber and Pink) strategy in lessons to match work to students’ abilities. Students choose which level of work they are comfortable with and can also choose work that makes them think harder. This empowers students in their learning and helps them to take responsibility for it.

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Strategies I have used such as Green Pen, Feeding Forward and Connect have all been essential strategies on supporting my journey to outstanding this year.

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GAP and the Sky High Questions are Teaching and Learning Strategies that will change your teaching and students’ learning forever. And what’s more, they are easy to implement and very student friendly.

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