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Imagine spending less time lesson planning and creating better quality lessons in the process!

Sounds incredible! Well this is what Standout Teaching can do for you. 

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You know great planning means successful lessons. Your app along with website resource supports you with:

CirclePlanning- because you know what learning needs to take place

CircleIdeas- because variety in approach can support engagement

CircleCoaching because feedback can only help to improve your lesson

CircleChecking because its reassuring to know you’ve got it right

CircleExporting- because it’s relaxing to know your plans waiting in your inbox

CircleResources because it’s great to have ready to use resource for your lesson

CircleDelivery- because having an in-app timers great for staying on plan

I am the target text.



“An essential resource with streams of ideas and theories around the concepts of teaching and learning”  

Nick- Trainee teacher

“Teaching and Learning Strategies that will change your teaching and students’ learning forever. And what’s more, they are easy to implement and very student friendly. I can’t recommend these strategies enough for enhanced student progression”  

Debbie- Teacher & Middle Leader