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Lesson Basics


What are ‘Lesson Basics’? They are those every day activities we as teachers undertake during our lessons on a frequent basis, often without much thought. They are those activities that are essential to keeping the lesson moving, disseminating information efficiently and necessary to promote progress.

Lesson Basics focusses on six key areas to ensure student progress is maximised; timings, use of teacher talk, student engagement, activity structure, student independence and challenge. Click the resource below to navigate through our overview of these six areas.



Here at Standout Teaching we have looked at lesson basics and put together a range of resources and strategies to make them just that little bit better. Add little tweaks to make them more student focused and add timings to ensure that they are delivered with pace. It is these small details, given that extra bit of thought, which will make your lessons outstanding.



A key element to delivery of Lesson Basic activities is the length of time you allocate and sticking to this. To support you we have a range of timers that you can download and insert into your own PowerPoint resources to support you.