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In groups of 4 students are given a word where 3 group members must ask a maximum of 10 questions in order to identify the word known by the 4th group member.

Using group work, test pupils knowledge with this quick fire assessment activity set around 10 questions.

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The aim of this exercise is for pupils to explore a given word.
Working in groups of 4, one pupil is given a word on a piece of card and the other 3 group members have 10 questions to ask to find out what the word is.
Using the countdown slides on the resource you can time the spaces between each question so that pupils discuss what question to ask next.
• You can use as many or few questions as you like by only using those slides on the resource that you require.
• You can either provide the words for pupils or let them choose their own.
Don’t have an interactive whiteboard….
You can complete the task in the same way but can call out the timings for each question. To further support try making cards numbered one to ten to hold up and remind pupils.

Instructions: [Download]

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