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Q-Time Questioning

Students are questioned in relation to their learning using the Q-time process- Question, Quiet, Quiz and Query. This is used to inform the structure of future learning within the lesson.

Use the 4-part Q-Time strategy to structure effective questioning sessions to maximise progress.

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The art of good questioning is critical to achieving outstanding progress within lessons.
One suggested approach to high quality questioning is ‘Q’ Time Questioning. Focussing on a clear inclusive structure to questioning, this approach ensures all learners are challenged and questioning has a focus on open-ended questions rather than closed questions.
1- Question: Pose the question
2- Quiet: Give thinking time
3- Quiz: Ask for answers
4- Query: Ask students to expand on the initial answers
When questioning students remember to consider the following:
• When I ask the question will all students be challenged to think?
• Do the questions allow for discussion to explore the learning and understanding?
• Have I avoided short, single word answers (these are often closed questions)?
• Have I avoided giving the answer?
• Have I avoided answers being dominated by a small proportion of the class?
• From your questioning will you need to adapt the remainder of the lesson?


Instructions: [Download]

Q Time Questions