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Confidence Lines GAP

Students are to draw a confidence line and plot their current position. They are then to reason/justify their position (this is the differentiated aspect of the task).

Assess your pupils confidence throughout the lesson with this quick AfL activity. Can also be used to show their progress.

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The aim of this task is to quickly assess pupils’ confidence with the lesson topic/material.
This can be used as an on-going AfL activity during the lesson and also be incorporated into a plenary.
Pupils are to draw a line onto a piece of paper with the words confident and not confident at either end. (This could be a pre-printed sheet if you wish).
Prior to a task or early on they are to place a tick as to their level of confidence. This could then be extended by pupils holding paired or class discussions as to why they are not confident and what they need to do to improve. You could also then use this as visual marker to ascertain which pupils require individual support. As the lesson continues you can get the pupils to review their confidence line and add additional ticks to chart their progress.

Instructions (GAP): [Download]

Confidence Lines GAP