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Connect- Boxing

Sections of text within students' work will have been boxed to identify locations of errors. The students' task is to use the resources supplied to identify the exact locations of the errors and correct them.

Use ‘boxing’ to encourage active assessment of literacy. A simple technique to focus students.
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This is a stepped, focussed approach to support students when correcting literacy errors within their work.
Often students would find it difficult to identify errors and rather than the teacher competing the corrections, boxing allows them to focus on the general areas where the errors have occurred.
The first stage is for the teacher to assess the work. However rather than correcting specific errors the teachers role is as follows-
• Draw a box around the bank of text containing the error(s). The more text you box, the more challenging the exercise for the student!
• Using the Connect marking codes, indicate what type or errors(s) are within the box.
This will allow the students to focus on particular area and what type of errors they are looking for.
The second stage is for the students to identify the specific errors and then to correct them. This process would be best carried out in pairs so that they can use the support of peers. To do this they should highlight where they think the errors occur and then correct them afterwards. An additional check could be applied after the highlighting stage so that they are sure the corrections are in the correct place. You may wish to provide additional resources to support corrections such as dictionaries, keyword banks or guidance on punctuation etc.


Instructions: [Download]

Connect Boxing