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Connect- ‘Keywords’

Using a list of keywords, students are to highlight the use of them within their work and then check that they are spelt correctly. They will need to correct any mistakes they identify.

Develop active assessment skills through supporting students to focus on the spelling of keywords.
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The aim of this exercise is for students to actively check the spelling of keywords within the text that they have written.
In order to achieve this you will need to give them a set of keywords to use. This may well have been prepared as a previous activity by the students.
The process of checking is split into 2 steps:
Identify the keywords-
Use a highlighter or underline the keywords that appear within the text (both correct and incorrect).
Check the spellings of the keywords-
Use the keyword bank to check the spellings. Where they are incorrect students should write the correct version above.

The benefits of this exercise are that the students are able to identify mistakes themselves and are then able to correct them as part of the learning process. This proves to have a far greater impact than the teacher correcting the mistakes for the student.
If the text that is written is extended then you can reduce the length of the task by selecting an excerpt to focus on.


Instructions: [Download]

Worksheet: [Download]

Connect Keywords