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Students are to use the Connect Mat to support the literacy aspect of their task. This includes keywords, openers, connectives and punctuation guidance.

This is the main resource for supporting your students in producing extended writing.

Launch Resource

It can be adapted to be used within other aspects of your lessons. Below outlines how the Connect Mat can be used in various ways during your lessons:

Extended writing-

Use this as a writing mat to give them information to support their writing.

Include differentiated vocabulary (keywords), connectives to use within sentences, openers to help them start their sentences and punctuation to include within their work.


The Connect mat can be used as a prompt for ensuring detailed discussions. Keywords could be used a guide, starters as prompts for beginning aspects of the discussion and connectives to encourage students to extend their contributions.


As with discussions the various sections of the connect mat could be used for posing and answering questions.

Practical activities-

The keywords could be used to remind students of the key aspects of the practical. If the practical involves a demonstration then the starters and connectives could be used in the Q&A aspect of this to check understanding.

Starters, plenaries, reflection and evaluation-

The full connect mat could be used to support the written or discussed content of any of these.

Instructions: [Download]

Worksheet: [Download]

Connect Mat