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Connect- ‘Punctuation Focus’

Students will be given a specific type of punctuation to check. They will need to highlight its use within their work and then with a partner check that it has been used correctly.

Challenge your students to assess their use of punctuation with a focus on specific types.
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The aim of this exercise is for students to actively check the use of punctuation. However to support them the types of punctuation they are checking needs to be limited to give it a focus, rather than trying to check all occurrences of punctuation skills.
Using the resource from the Standout Teaching website you can select a specific type of punctuation which will then display a brief summary of how it is used. Students should then be encouraged to do the following:
• Highlight within their work where they have used that particular type of punctuation.
• Check with a partner that it has been used correctly.
• Read through their text to see if there are any other opportunities to use that specific type of punctuation.
Through focussing on a specific area of punctuation it helps to support the students deeper understanding of that specific skill. You can vary which type of punctuation you look at according to the type of text being worked upon. Also consider how students can work in collaborating to peer evaluate and support each other.


Instructions: [Download]

Connect Punctuation Focus