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Connect- ‘Starting Positions’

Lines of text within students’ work will have been coded to show errors within them. The students’ task is to work with a partner using the resources provided to identify and correct the errors.

Give students a starting position through identifying the lines of text containing errors.
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The aim of this exercise is to give students a head start as to where they have made literacy errors.
It uses the ‘Connect Codes’ to show which lines of text have errors within them. At the beginning of any lines of text that have errors within them write the relevant ‘Connect Codes’ for students to refer to.
They are then to review that line of text and highlight where they think the error is.
At this point you may wish to introduce a peer assessment activity to check so see if they are correct.
Once happy with their checks students can then correct their mistakes. In order to do this you may wish to provide additional resources such as dictionaries or guidance on types of punctuation.
You may also wish to consider limiting the type of errors you are looking for i.e. just spelling mistakes.
However you wish to approach this, it is an adaptable approach that can meet the needs of a range of ability types.


Download: [Download]

Connect Codes: [Download]

Connect Starting Positions