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Connect- ‘Talking Punctuation’

Students are to read out aloud the text they have written to a partner. They are to pay close attention to the punctuation used and then identify if it is used correctly or if any is missing.

Utilise the power of listening skills to support the assessment of literacy within written work.
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The aim of this exercise is for students to actively check the use of punctuation (full stop/comma/question mark/exclamation mark) through reading the text out aloud.
Step one is to ask the students to scan through their text and highlight where they have already used the 4 types of punctuation mentioned previously.
The second step is to either read out aloud to themselves or a partner. Whilst doing this they are to emphasis the use of the 4 types of punctuation to see how well they work. Also they must not deliberately pause or stop is there are no full stops or commas used. This will help them to identify where one may be needed.
They can they mark where additional punctuation and as a result alterations to sentence structure are required.
The final stage is to review the text and make sure that the full stops they have used do not need to be a question mark or an exclamation mark. At this stage encourage them to also read the text aloud again.

The process of reading out aloud will support the students in identifying the correct use of punctuation through using their listening skills.


Instructions: [Download]

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