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Controversial issue GAP

Students choose a controversial statement (difficulty signposted with GAP) and write down why they do not agree. They then compare with a partner before finally feeding back to the class.

This is a short plenary which allows pupils to use their learning from the lesson to evaluate a short written statement.

Launch Resource

Prior to the lesson you will need to prepare a statement related to the lesson which is incorrect. If you wish to you could prepare several statements so that pupils are given a variety to look at.
Issue the statements to the class and ask them to read them. You could also ask them to underline the keywords/points as well.
Pupils are then to write a statement explaining why they think the statement is incorrect. You could time this activity and set a time limit according to the detail of the feedback required.
Pupils are then to assess what they have written by swapping and comparing their statements with a peer.
Finally the activity can be summarised by selecting pupils to feedback their findings.

Instructions (GAP): [Download]

Controversial Issue GAP