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Correct statements

Students are to visit a range of true or false questions around the classroom. They then write down if true or false before revisiting to reflect on the classes answers, then feeding back to the class.

Quickly assess the groups understanding and progress using true and false statements arranged around the room.

Launch Resource

This is a plenary exercise where pupils will be given a series of true or false statements to reflect upon.
Around the classroom place large cards with true or false statements on them.
Pupils are to visit each card and tick if they think it is true or false. You could time this activity if required either by a set time to visit all cards or a set time at each card.
Once pupils have visited all cards they are to revisit them and see what the most popular answer is. They are to think about why this is so. Pupils are to then feedback to the class their reasons.

Instructions: [Download]

Correct Statements