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Students are given 60 seconds to think of 8 facts related to the lesson that they would take to a desert island. Once completed, they then feedback to the class and justify.

For this exercise ask pupils to dream of a desert island and what lesson facts they would take in this fast activity.

Launch Resource

This activity can be a short starter or plenary. The aim is for pupils to reflect on the lessons topic and name 8 things/points they would take on a desert island. To support this you could provide pupils with a scenario, piece of text, pictures or products to help prompt their thinking.
This is meant to be a quick mind mapping activity and a 60 second timer is available on the resource to time this.
Once pupils have completed their list you can randomly select pupils to feedback their findings.
If this is a plenary pupils should use this as an opportunity to reflect on the lesson.

Instructions: [Download]

Desert Island