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Explorers GAP

Students are to research a number of facts from ‘Fact Islands’ (resources containing the facts) around the room. Each set of facts is differentiated using GAP. They have 2 minutes at each resource.

Support independent learning through the use of ‘Fact Islands’ and at the same time transform your room into a learning resource.

Launch Resource

The aim of this task is for pupils to carry out a research task.
On the Fact sheet accompanying this presentation you will need to type a set of facts you wish pupils to find out.
Next you will set up ‘Fact islands’ around your class room for pupils to visit. For each Fact island you will need to complete a fact island sheet which explains how the pupils will undertake the piece of research to identify the fact e.g. look at certain page in a book/look at a website page etc.
Pupils will get 2 minutes at each fact island and the presentation resource contains a timer. (Please hover mouse over timer to access controls).
At the end you may wish for pupils to feedback their findings or compare with each other what they have discovered.
Be aware that this is an activity designed to focus on the pupils and not teacher talk. Be concise in your explanation.
Don’t have an interactive whiteboard….
Use a stopwatch to time each activity and countdown how long is left.

Instructions (GAP):[Download]
Resource 1:
Resource 2:

Explorers  GAP