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Students are to convert a piece of text into a Facebook timeline. They will need to create a cover picture, profile picture and produce a timeline of points from the text.

Pupils are to translate information into a Facebook page and timeline to aid their understanding of the lesson facts.

Launch Resource

This is a main lesson activity designed to encourage pupils to analyse a piece of text and develop a Facebook timeline demonstrating the key points or sequence from the text.
A worksheet for pupils to use is supplied with the resource.
The first step is for pupils to read the text and highlight the key points.
The second step is for pupils to summarise the text by drawing a cover picture onto the worksheet. You may wish to provide support for this through class discussion or showing them examples (you could get examples from Facebook if you have an account which demonstrates how companies summarise who they are and what they do).
The third step is to draw a small profile picture to represent the most important point from the text.
Finally pupils are to complete the timeline which show the key points from the text in the order that they appear.

Instructions: [Download]