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Feedback Sandwich GAP

Students are to review their task using the Feedback Sandwich. They are to state 2 positives and one improvement and need to explain/justify their answers as additional layers of challenge (GAP).

Get pupils to reflect on their lesson through looking at the positives and how to develop areas identified for improvement.

Launch Resource

The aim of this task is for pupils to reflect on the lesson in pairs using the feedback sandwich worksheet which is available with this resource. (This can also be used during the lesson as an AfL activity).
Pupils are to write down in the top part of the sandwich one thing from the lesson which has been positive.
They are then to swap their worksheets with a partner and the partner is to write one thing they need to improve in the centre section of the worksheet. At this point they can take time to look at each other’s work which has been produced during the lesson.
Pupils then hand back each other’s sheets and write down another positive point. (This may well have been discussed when pupils looked at each other’s work).

Finally if required you could ask pupils to feedback one point and if it’s a negative point outline how this could be improved during a future lesson.

Instructions (GAP): [Download]

Feedback Sandwich GAP