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Giant mind map

Students will produce a giant mind map on the floor. Stage1- individuals write/place topics on the floor. Stage 2- in groups they grow each of the topics by placing additional points on the floor.

Use the whole class to produce a mind map on a gigantic scale whilst allowing them to support each other.

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The aim of this task is for pupils to work as groups to develop a large mind map which is laid out on the floor or blue tacked to a wall.
Pupils start by individually writing down a word associated with the lesson topic. They place these onto the floor and then group them if there are any duplicates.
Pupils are then placed into small groups and assigned a word. Their task is to extend the mind map by adding extra branches to the word. They have 2 minutes to complete this and a timer is available with the resource.
Finally as a class they are to review the mind map and amend it as necessary.

Instructions: [Download]

Giant Mind Map