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Students will be given a piece of a picture and need to find the other pieces which are with the other students. Once complete they feedback what the picture shows.

Centred around a picture related to the lesson, pupils hunt and match the clues in a different approach to learning.

Launch Resource

The aim of this task is for pupils to match parts of a picture. This will encourage pupils to look and discuss the contents of a picture in order to find the match.
You will need to have a selection of pictures cut into 2 or 3 parts. Mix the parts up and give a piece to each pupil.
They then need to hunt the other part(s) by comparing it with other pupils.
To follow up the activity pupils will then need to write down what the picture show. To support this section of the activity you may wish to give pupils a series of questions to answer to guide their thinking.

Instructions: [Download]

Group Hunt