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Hide & seek GAP

Around the room are a set of clues related to the theme for the lesson's learning. Students are to visit the clues and try to answer them. GAP is applied to each clue to add challenge if required.

In this activity send you pupils off to find clues and solve problems as an alternative way to deliver your lesson.

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This is a simple activity which can be used as a starter or extended into a main lesson activity. Around the classroom place clues related to learning you wish to take place. Pupils are then to visit each clue and try to solve what it is trying to tell them. These could be anagrams, questions, parts of pictures or diagrams, objects, parts of text or key words.

You can place a time limit per visit to each clue depending on the detail of it.

Once pupils have visited all clues they are then to piece them together to find out what they are trying to communicate. Pupils could do this part individually or in pairs.

Instructions (GAP): [Download]

Hide and seek GAP