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Instant Check

Students will reflect on their work and then hold up a red, amber or green card to show their level of understanding in relation to the learning taking place.

Instantly check pupils understanding at any point during the lesson and then use this to target additional focussed support.

Launch Resource

The aim of this exercise is to assess pupil progress quickly during the lesson.
You will need to print a class set of the check cards on the supplied publisher document.
Ask the pupils a series of questions to which they respond by holding up traffic light cards. This can then lead to discussion as a class or in groups on how to improve either those areas that are weaker or to support individuals.
To extend this activity pupils can pair up or form groups to allow pupils to support each other e.g. if a pupil raises a yellow or red card they could ask a person with a green card to explain to them how to improve.
Be aware that this is an activity designed to focus on the pupils and not teacher talk. Be concise in your explanations and questions. Allow pupils the opportunity to explain any answers or thoughts.

Instructions: [Download]

Instant check