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Lesson Basics- Demonstration

Teacher demonstrates to the class a particular task. Students observe the teacher and make notes/answer questions related to what they see.

This resource is designed to be used when the teacher needs to give a demonstration to the class or groups of students.

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With a demonstration it is essential to retain student engagement so that they develop an understanding of what is being shown. To support this the resource includes a set of activities for students to undertake when observing. This is based around either taking notes (guidance on the resource) or answering a set of questions (to be given to the students). Finally the resource also has a set of timers to use so that you can monitor how long you are spending on the demonstration.
Lesson Plan Creator note:
If you are using this as part of the Standout Teaching lesson plan you may wish to identify if you requires students to take notes or answer questions.

Instructions: [Download]

Lesson Basics Demonstration