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Lesson Basics- Practical

Students are given the opportunity to undertake a practical activity following guidance from the teacher.

This resource is designed to be used when the students are to undertake a practical activity to demonstrate their learning.

Launch Resource

With a practical it is essential to retain student engagement so that they develop an understanding of what is being shown. To support this the resource includes a set of activities for students to undertake when undertaking the practical. This is based around checking work as it progresses and also managing time and deadlines. Finally the resource also has a set of timers to use so that you can monitor how long you are spending on the practical.
Lesson Plan Creator note:
If you are using this as part of the Standout Teaching lesson plan, you may wish to identify if you requires a longer activity than 10 minutes. If so, reuse a second timer but use this pause as a reflection point to the practical activity.

Instructions: [Download]

Lesson Basics Practical