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Lesson Basics- Textbook

Students undertake a textbook exercise related to the lesson. They will be required to self-assess against the requirements of the task and complete the exercise within a set time.

There are times during a lesson when the use of a textbook exercise is a useful way to reinforce the learning taking place.

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It is important to realise that when these opportunities occur they still need to have a structure to support them. This should include set timings and sub timings to work towards, guidance for initially engaging with the text, for example using SUB to fully understand the requirements. Finally, building in student reflection time so that they can check that they have fully met the requirements of the task.
Lesson Plan Creator note:
If you are using this as part of the Standout Teaching lesson plan, you may wish to identify how long you are assigning to the task. You may also wish to indicate if students are required to use SUB to make notes related to the exercise task.

Instructions: [Download]

Lesson Basics textbook