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Peer Questioning

Students will be given 3 minutes to write 5 questions related to the learning within the lesson. They will then join with a partner to ask each other their questions.

Get your pupils testing each others knowledge with their own self written questions based upon the lessons learning.

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Peer questioning is an AfL task to test pupils understanding of the lesson topic. This can be used at any point of the lesson and can also be adapted to form a plenary or a starter in a following lesson.
Working individually to start with pupils are to write 5 questions based upon the lesson content to test a partner with. They will have 3 minutes to complete this task. Prior to this you may wish to use a mind mapping activity to give pupils some points to work from. The resource has a 3 minute timer available.
Once the questions are completed pupils form pairs and test each other. This could then be extended through pairs joining to form small groups and repeating the questioning part of the exercise.

Instructions: [Download]

Peer Questioning