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Students are given 3 comments and must rate their progress against them. These are placed into a post box from which they are drawn. At this point students listen to the comments and recommend areas for development.

Through the use of a post box evaluate pupils progress in the lesson and use this as a focus for group discussion.

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The aim of this exercise is to gain feedback from pupils on how they feel they have worked towards the lesson objectives (but can also be used for other activities such as questions and answers).
Pupils complete a simple pre-prepared tick sheet and place it into a post box. This can then be used to select posted sheets as start points for group/class discussion.
You will need to photocopy the slips from the worksheet with this resource.
You will need to type the comments you require or you can use the 3 lesson objectives already displayed on the slips.
You will also need a suitable box to use as a post box.

Instructions: [Download]

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