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Pupil Leadership

In groups, students are given a task to complete. They will need to decide on a leader and allocate specific roles within the group. Once they have done this they can then complete the task set.

Encourage leadership and group work through using an extended activity where pupils develop their understanding of the lesson content.

Launch Resource

The aim of this exercise is for pupils to work in groups and assign team leaders and areas of responsibility to other team members. To use this activity you will need to:
• Print the worksheet accompanying this resource.
• Print a copy for each group in the class (you can laminate and use dry wipe markers if you wish to reuse them).
Pupils are to be given a task which they must break down and divide between the group. The group leader is to coordinate this.
The organisational aspect can be part of a starter and the supplied worksheet also has a short plenary exercise.

Instructions: [Download]