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Students are to visit a range of resources placed around the room and create a question based upon them. GAP is applied to challenge students through explanation and justification.

Get your pupils thinking through carrying out a research task to generate questions for the rest of the class.

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The aim of this exercise is for pupils to carry out a research exercise with a difference, rather than find just facts they have to generate questions for others to use to find these facts out.
To do this you will need to set up resources around the room for pupils to visit in pairs or small groups. Keep this short/simple as pupils will have one minute to visit each resource (a reusable 60 second timer is available on the resource).
The plenary to the exercise is for pupils to read out their questions and for pupils to answer them.
Don’t have an interactive whiteboard….
Use a stopwatch to time each activity and countdown how long is left.

Instructions (GAP): [Download]

Query GAP