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Sketch a thought

Students sketch a picture to reflect an aspect of the learning from the lesson. They then swap with a partner and guess what its shows. Finally several are selected to challenge the class.

Take a different approach to AfL by using drawing rather than writing to demonstrate understanding of the lesson content.

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The aim of this exercise is for pupils to take a different approach to a plenary by drawing what they think they have learnt rather than writing about it.
Give your pupils a piece of paper and a pencil.
If you think it may be required show the pupils an example of how to complete the task.
Pupils work individually by drawing their plenary picture.
They will then work in pairs to discuss each other’s drawings.
Working as a class pupils show their drawings and the class has to work them out.
Be aware that this is an activity designed to focus on the pupils and not teacher talk. Be concise in your explanation.

Instructions: [Download]

Sketch a thought