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Sky High Rank Order (GAP)

Students read the Sky High Question and underline the keywords. They then rank order the words and complete a GAP task to expand on the reasons for their decisions.

For this exercise your students will be asked rank order the keywords from the sky high question and justify their reasoning.

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The first exercise is to underline or highlight the keywords.
Students are then able to select one of the differentiated tasks. Each task is colour coded as follows:
Green- Challenging task aimed at supporting lower ability students.
Amber- Challenging task aimed at extending middle ability students.
Pink- Challenging task aimed at extending higher ability students.
As an additional exercise you could ask students to attempt to answer the question. This could then be revisited at a later point in the lesson to see if they were correct.
This exercise is ideally carried out as individuals or in pairs.

Instructions: [Download]

Sky High Rank Order