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Target Assessment

Students are given 2 post-it notes to record an area to improve. They then stick this to a target board. The class then reflect on what is shown and offer advice to support improvements.

A simple plenary to summarise pupils learning and judge their understanding through the use of a large target.

Launch Resource

The aim of this exercise is for pupils to review the learning during the lesson and to discuss as a group ways to improve.
Either draw a target on your whiteboard or print and assemble the target poster and have it permanently on the wall in your room.
You will need post-its for the pupils and will need to decide if this is a self assessment or peer assessment.
Pupils are to write down one thing they could improve from the lesson. They are to stick it onto the target. The further from the centre the more they think they need to improve it.
As a class they can then give suggestions on how to improve selected targets from the board.
Be aware that this is an activity designed to focus on the pupils and not teacher talk. Be concise in your explanation.

Instructions: [Download]

Target Assessment