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Students are to complete a Venn Diagram related to the learning within the lesson. This will include topics, key points and relationships between the topics.

Use a Venn diagram to challenge pupils thinking through being able to interpret information using the tool.

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The pupils are to produce a Venn diagram related to the lessons content. To support this you can provide them with a piece of text/keywords/prompts and the worksheet provided with the resource.
Pupils start by labelling each of the 3 circles with the sub-topics for the lesson.
They follow this by filling in the larger segments of the circles with an explanation for each sub-topic.
For the next stage pupils fill out what the pairs of topics have in common. This is recorded in the overlapping circles.
Finally they fill out what all the sub-topics have in common using the centre overlapping segment.
To conclude this activity you could ask the pupils to compare their Venn diagrams with each other.

Instructions: [Download]

Venn Diagram1