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Options for using the site


The Standout Teaching website has a wealth of ideas and tools for you to use, so to save you time we have these following 3 suggestions for using the site…

Option 1…

Ready to go lessons

In a rush and need something quick, outstanding and engaging?

Our ‘Ready 2 Go’ lessons, which include a lesson plan, hyperlinks to all the resources, worksheets, Lesson Infographic Learning Mats and PowerPoint download, are the way forward for you. Take a look at our ‘Ready 2 Go’ page to find the lesson that’s right for you!

Option 2…

Flat Pack Lessons


A lesson to plan or a set of lessons? Then using our Lesson Plan Creator is for you.

Plan a lesson, download your plan containing hyperlinks and then add your subject content either by-

Adding details to the worksheets provided via the resources selected


Use our lesson infographics to put together a PowerPoint containing your own mix of Standout Teaching’s activities and your own subject content.

Don’t forget the students, why not also use our lesson infographics to produce a learning mat? After all they need to know what’s happening as they’re doing the learning!


Option 3…


Pick N Mix Lessons

In need of some inspiration? Choose an idea or resource and add to your own planning.

There are times when you need that little spark to pep up your lessons or some guidance on how to ensure outstanding progress.

If this is the case you could…

  • Browse our ‘Easy’ flash resources and drop them into your lessons
  • Take a look at our teaching and learning strategies to try a different angle on a lesson essential
  • If you’ve a specific area that you would like to look at take a look at our glossary to see if we can help
  • Read through our advice on planning to ensure you have all those key ingredients present

Whatever you need support with, we’ve probably got the resource for you!