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‘Sky High’ Learning



The Sky High Questions strategy is designed to support aspirational learning through encouraging students to aim for the highest learning outcome in every lesson. This is achieved through posing lesson objectives as challenging questions for students to answer.




Want to know more about Sky High Questions? Then please download our e-book.

 ‘Sky High’ learning is an aspirational approach to the learning within a lesson. In place of the traditional lesson objectives is the ‘Sky High’ Question, a challenging question that students aim to answer by the end of the lesson using the learning that has taken place. Set as a starter activity, the question encourages all students to choose different routes (differentiation) to answer the ‘Sky High’ question. Please watch the short tutorial for more guidance on this simple yet effective strategy.


‘Sky High’ questions are a great way to hook your students into the learning for your lesson straight from the start. Watch the support video to give you some pointers and suggestions for starting points to help you develop those imaginative questions.


How to plan using ‘Sky High’ Questions…

Would you like some suggestion on how to plan using Sky High Questions? Watch this short video to find out more… 


Try this!

A simple ‘Sky High’ worksheet using a starter activity to explore the question, reviews of progress during the lesson and a plenary focussed on the answer. Simple, but very effective, give it a go…. we have!


…and something else, ‘Sky High’ pads

Print multiple copies, staple together into a pad and then use within the lesson as a short activity to encourage students to engage with the ‘Sky High’ question.