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Student 1st Teaching

Student 1st Teaching

What is 1st

What is Student 1st Teaching?

Student 1st teaching is a method of tailoring lessons so that they are focussed on students doing rather than being passive learners. Based around 7 key elements of everyday lesson shown visually through symbols along with a quick to use sketch lesson plan, student first teaching is designed to be quick end effective.

(7 key points diagram)

1st Sketch Plan

Student 1st Sketch lesson Plan

The student 1st lesson plan is a quick to use, informal lesson planning document. It is designed to allow you to tailor your lessons towards the students whist also being able to cross reference the areas of support needed to ensure all students can engage fully with the tasks set.

(Sketch lesson plan and adaptation for LPC)

1st Symbols

Student 1st key to symbols

To make the student 1st lesson plan easy to use and to create a visual approach to lesson planning, each of the 7 aspects of student 1st teaching is represented as a symbol:

(7 symbols with links to more information)

1st Weekly

Student 1st weekly lesson planning

Planning with student 1st teaching is meant to be quick, effective and also manageable. Completing detailed lesson plans, even with the sketch lesson plan, takes time The weekly sketch lesson plan is an adapted version which focusses on the key elements of the lesson and allows you to plan your weekly teaching.

(Weekly lesson plan with adaptations for different lengths of day)



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