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Lesson Sketching


Lesson sketching is a quick and effective technique for planning lessons. Based upon using a systematic sequence with built in checking, you can design and deliver great lessons every day of every week. Go on give it a try, we have and it works!



Download and use the ‘Lesson Sketch’ template to sketch the structure of your lesson to ensure it promotes progress. Simple to use, time saving and effective!


The ‘Lesson Sketch’ template is designed to be simple and easy to use. However, if you feel you need a little bit more guidance then please watch our short tutorial.



Why not use our Lesson Plan Creator (LPC) tool to design the content of your lesson then place it into your ‘Lesson Sketch’ plan. We have an electronic template ready to be populated with the content from the LPC lesson plan. In addition, because they are quick to produce, why not use this for your daily plans too!


Not sure how to take content from your LPC lesson plan and place it into a sketch lesson plan? Then watch our quick tutorial that will show how simple it is!



Lesson Sketching can also be used to plan your daily and weekly lessons. Download the template that contains a shortened version of the Lesson Sketch Plan for you to use. Remember, quickly sketch your ideas however you like, keep they detail for your lesson resources!