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Activity Packs

Working in groups, students pick an activity pack and allocate job roles to each member. They then complete the tasks outlined within the pack.

Let the pupils demonstrate their learning straight from the start of the lesson with prepared activity packs.

Launch Resource

This is a straight forward strategy to introduce an activity without the teacher input. Prior to the lesson you will need to organise project packs to be given to groups of pupils during the lesson. These project packs should include a clear set of instructions about how to undertake the activity. It is important for pupils to organise themselves in their groups so the opening sequence of activities should be as follows:
1. One person in the group reads out the instructions to the rest of the group.
2. Using discussion in groups the pupils divide up the task between them to achieve the end goal.
It is also important that you include a time limit for the first 2 activities to ensure pace to the lesson.
You could also include in the pack resources, additional instructions, extension activities and AfL activities to check progress.
This activity could be adapted so that there are a range of different activity packs with different types of activities which the pupils could visit on a carousel basis.

Instructions: [Download]

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