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BIG and STAR Pt2

Students have used the teacher feedback on how to improve their work applied the findings. The final stage is to check against the targets that they have been set and ensure they have completed them all.

As part of the BIG Assessment framework there are times when students will receive detailed feedback from their teachers.

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It is important that they are given the opportunity to act up this feedback to make the necessary improvements. This activity involves the teacher using the STAR model to feedback- Strengths, Targets, Attainment and Rewards. Once students have received this feedback they act upon it and then reflect in the ‘Go and improve’ section on what they have done to improve and the impact of this.

The sequence is as follows-

  1. Undertake a piece of work
  2. Students reflect upon the piece of work using their STAR feedback
  3. Students update the piece of work using their feedback
  4. Students reflect upon the improvements that they have made

This activity is designed to be used in conjunction with BIG Assessment STAR paper.
Worksheet: [Download]