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BIG Paper Pt1

Using the BIG Paper worksheet students will reflect upon a piece of work that they have completed and state several areas to develop further (Part 1). This is a 3 stage process- baseline, improving and checking.

Students use the BIG Assessment framework to reflect upon their work using green pen or they can be given the assessment criteria.

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If the later, students will need to check their work against this criteria to see their current position.

Students use this information to improve a piece of work or particular skill and then return to the feedback to tick if they have complete what was required.

The sequence is as follows-

  1. Undertake a piece of work
  2. Students reflect upon the piece of work
  3. Students update the piece of work using their feedback
  4. Students reflect upon the improvements that they have made

This activity is designed to be used in conjunction with BIG Assessment paper.
Worksheet: [Download]

BIG Paper Lined Pt1