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Green Pen- Reflecting Circles

Using the Reflecting Circles worksheet, students are to record three positive aspects to their work followed by three aspects that they feel they need to improve.

This is a visual way to ask students to reflect upon the piece of work that they have produced.

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The concept is based around recording comments within 3 circles which helps to indicate the length of each comment required. As part of this, they will need to produce 3 comments related to the strengths of the work and 3 related to improvements. Each comment will need to be longer than the first and as such require more depth of thought.

Give your students the circles worksheet and ask them to give 3 strengths. Outline to them that each comment needs to be in more depth than the previous and should fill each of the upper semi circles.

Once completed ask them to repeat the process for the lower semi circles but this time focus on areas for development.

Worksheet: [Download]

Instructions: [Download]

Green Pen Reflecting Circles