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Green Pen- SUB

Students are given a piece of text, to which they will then apply SUB. Firstly they scan the text, then underline the key points before finally drawing a box around the keywords. They use the keywords to inform their feedback.

This exercise is designed to allow students to use a set of assessment criteria to support their green pen comments.

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From the assessment criteria, they use SUB to draw out the key points so they are able to focus their comments around these.

To undertake the exercise, give your students a copy of the relevant assessment criteria and ask them to SUB it-

Scan- read through the text

Underline- underline or highlight the key points

Box- Draw a box around each of the keywords

Using the information that they have drawn out of the assessment criteria, students can then write their green pen comments stating if they have met these points or not and if possible how they know this.

Instructions: [Download]

Green Pen and SUB