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Students will be given a set of statements to use to reflect upon their work. They mark if they agree with the statements and then ask a partner to repeat the process in relation to their work.

Use this exercise as a quick plenary or AfL activity to summarise pupils learning using a combination of individual and paired work.

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The aim of this activity is for pupils to review how well they have developed their learning skills during the lesson.
You will need to print a copy of the worksheet for each pupil.
Type into the first column of the worksheet statements related to the pupils skills, knowledge and understanding learnt during the lesson. (If you want this could be done by the pupils as another activity).
Pupils will then self assess against the comments on the sheet and then ask a peer to also assess their progress. You can have self or peer assessment, both or add a teacher assessment for the following lesson as feedback.

Instructions: [Download]

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